Storytellers Hyperseasonal Series 350ml

Storytellers Hyperseasonal Series 350ml
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Storytellers Hyperseasonal Series 350ml

What are Hyperseasonals?

Want access to limited edition Storytellers releases? Well let us introduce you to our Hyperseasonals.

The Storytellers Hyperseasonal Series is a monthly subscription of bottled products with the goal of introducing 'hyperseasonality' into bottled spirits. Hyperseasonality is finding local fruits, vegetables and botanicals each month that are perfectly in season and using them to develop limited release products.

So far, you know us best for making gin at Storytellers - but now we’re opening the doors to new styles of products, flavours and distillates (chai tea rum spirit anyone?)

How does it work?

  • Sign up to Storytellers Hyperseasonal Series monthly subscription. Get a limited supply seasonal spirits delivered to your door each month.

  • Orders for each month are paid ahead and dispatched the first day of the following month.

  • Receive exclusive access to our online 'Storytellers Spirits Society' group discussing tasting notes, cocktail recipes and behind the scene production.

  • Invites each month to our product launch events at our distillery door with exclusive access to the Spirits Vault, a vault of the very rarest past releases… [Launching Mid-Late 2022]

It's time to GET HYPED!

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