Volume 2: Grenache Sour Gin

In 2021, we sold out in just over 3-months - but guess what? It's back!

Volume Two is a minimalistic take on our Australian Dry Gin that's been generously macerated with Barossa Valley Grenache grapes. For just over a week, still-strength gin pulls beautiful Grenache flavours and colours before being strained off, diluted and balanced before bottling to give that sweetness a nice balance of crunch!

A juicy Cherry red, the colours and flavours in Volume 2 'pop' in every bottle and in any glass with a touch of your favourite tonic!

We're proud to label Volume 2 as a multi-award winning gin with a:

  • Bronze medal award at Tasting Australia's 2021 Spirit Awards
  • Silver medal award at Australian Gin Distillers Association's 2021 Australian Gin Awards

Volume 2: Grenache Sour Gin
Volume 2: Grenache Sour Gin Image 2